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I sent my husband to this shop to get a basic haircut. The haircut was terrible. I am a retired hair stylist and owned a shop for 25 years. I have employed many stylist and barbers. So I know what a good haircut is. The edging was terrible and eyebrows left uncut. I didn't think anyone could mess up a basic cut but somehow they did. Now we have to go to another shop to straighten this mess up. Don't waste your money here.

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Waited 10 minutes to be called back..... Asked what haircut I wanted .....I ask for flat top..... Got a crazy look , and was told that the ONLY person that can do flat tops was not there..... And there were 3 barbers there..... This is a sport clips..... And I can't get a flat top? Out of 3 ppl no one can do it........ Micky mouse operation at best..... Dressed up to look like what it DEFINITELY isn't.... A place that cuts hair....... What a joke.... Not a funny one either...... Hire barbers..... That actually know what they are doing......

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I don't know why I keep coming back to this place, since every time I come they cut my neck. I always end up leaving with my neck looking like it got into a knife fight and lost. My son quit getting his hair cut their since they always cut his neck and it was getting to the point where he did not like going to get his hair cut. It's not that hard to not cut people!

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Creig P | April 30, 2017 Haircut

"Ginger and Liz are great!!! This location is very well managed and always a good experience."