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5 rating

We love Brittany Moore she's the best!

5 rating
  • 08/01/19
  • Jason W. Yelp

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7/24/19 - I just suffered the absolute worst haircut experience of my life, and that covers some 55 years of them! The haircut I experienced today is unprofessional from two perspectives, I went to get a professional haircut, and ended up with the most unprofessional look; and, the experience itself was beyond unreasonable. I requested a "professional look of 1.5 inches on top tapered to above the ears and collar". Before I knew what was happening, I was buzz-cut with a "zero blade" to a bit over two inches above my ears completely around my head, left looking like someone placed a bowl on my head and shaved me. I was shocked, disappointed, and left with razor burn. I pointed out the error, and my hair was then tapered to about 1-inch on top, leaving me looking like I have a puff-pillow topping. I was told this was my fault because I didn't specify the blade guard sizes to use - I have never had to tell a barber what blade guard to use! I have had this cut done hundreds of times and never had to tell a barber what "tapered" means or how to accomplish the look. Do not confuse this - this is not a professional look, it is not a military look - I have had "high and tights at Quantico Marine Base, and I have had "GIs" at Army bases all over the US, this is not a properly proportioned cut, it is a ridiculous looking outcome. A professional would refuse to cut someone's hair in this fashion for fear someone would judge their abilities by it. If someone tells you they have seen me in this establishment, call the police! I will have obviously been kidnapped and dragged there against my will.

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Meghan G. | August 25, 2019 Google

"We love Brittany Moore she's the best!"

Jason W. | August 1, 2019 Yelp


George F. | July 23, 2019 Google

"7/24/19 - I just suffered the absolute worst haircut experience of my life, and that covers some 55 "

Chase D. | July 22, 2019 Google

"We walked in late, but they stayed after to cut my son?s hair. They were very nice."

Charles M. | July 18, 2019 Google

"Professional staff and good haircuts."

Marteal K. | June 29, 2019 Google

"The door says you open at 11 9n Sundays . My bf and I walk in and was greeted and was asked to sign "

William E. | May 12, 2019 Facebook

"The staff is great and also family friendly"

Lindsey B. | April 21, 2019 Google

"The lady cut my daughter's hair just like I asked her to. She was very professional. This place is v"

John A. | April 15, 2019 Google

"Maybe the two Individuals that are getting their haircut in feofr of me checked in online..ju ju kno"

Kavin R. | April 12, 2019 Google

"I go to this place and they always make a great effort to run a dependable establishment."